Top Ten Tuesday | Books On My To Be Read List That I’m Avoiding & Why

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. Each week there is a different topic and you make your own list that will fit into that theme.

YAY…Its Tuesday! This week is about ten books on my to be read list that I am avoiding and why. Well I am the classic procrastinator and there are a variety of reasons I have been avoiding these books but here is my list.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I saw this book at the library and was interested in the description. It definitely sounds like a book that I would like but unfortunately has been on the back burner with all my class readings. Soon I will read it!

Mythos and Heros by Stephen Fry

I paired these two books together because they are both by Stephen Fry. I heard about both of these books on The Graham Norton show and thought it sounded fantastic! I mean who doesn’t like Greek mythology. Again, another book waiting on hold for now for no reason other than I am focused on my schoolwork.

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

This is the second book in the Scythe series and I have not read it simply because I am nervous it won’t live up to the first novel.

Educated by Tara Westover

I really, really want to read this book but have not yet because I know it will be difficult to read. Hopefully it comes off my TBR list soon!

Ayoade on Ayoade by Richard Ayoade

Another book I heard of through The Graham Norton show! This book sounds absolutely delightful and very comical. I have been avoiding it because once I ick it up I am not going to be able to put it down and I have other things to read right now.

See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

Okay, normally I would not have a book like this on my TBR list but I am nervous it wont be as good at it sounds. Frankly the reviews are wish washy too.

The BFG by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake

Not going to lie, Roald Dahl is not my favorite author. I have wanted to read The BFG to have knowledge of how the book is for my future students.

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

I actually started this book at one point but I ended up needed it put it down so I could focus on my classwork reading. Hopefully soon I am able to pick it back up!

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

The only reason I have not taken this book off my TBR book is because I am nervous it won’t live up to the hype.

What are your thoughts on these books? Should I stop delaying reading them?

Thank you for visiting and happy reading!

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books On My To Be Read List That I’m Avoiding & Why

  1. Hi Destiny. Thanks for sharing your list of books you plan to read. I haven’t heard of any of these, so, you have definitely given me some new books to discover. I’m really curious to read, “The Shack.” It looks very interesting. Why did you select this one?

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    1. Hi Terri! I selected the shack because I am very faith oriented and it sounded like an inspiring story. I believe a movie came out about it too. I started it but unfortunately ended up putting it aside but the beginning was very good!


  2. Destiny,
    This is a really diverse list. It really is a shame that you can’t read some of these because you are too busy. Hopefully at the end of the semester you still want to read these! I understand being afraid that something won’t live up to the hype, but it is important to remember that it got the hype for a reason! Which book will you read first?

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    1. Hi Addison! I will definitely read all the books at one point but school reading right now is a priority. I think I will read The Shack or Educated first. Were there any on the list you have a inclination to read?


  3. I love Stephen Fry and I got crazy trying to find Mythos. Once I did, I’ve left it sitting on my bookshelf for a while now. I just have lots of books to read first, but I’m really excited about it.
    Great list!

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  4. Destiny,

    I have just learned about the Scythe series and I am very intrigued. I can understand why you are nervous about reading the second one. When I read the Divergent Trilogy, I was extremely let down by the second and third books. I hope that you will overcome your fear and read Thunder Head. Are this all the books that you have in your TBR list or are there more? I know my list is about two miles long at this point.

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    1. Hi Payton! I actually read Scythe for a Young Adult Literature course I took through the University of Wyoming last week. I loved the style of his writing and the story over all. I would highly suggest it if you like young adult dystopian novels. I actually felt the same way about the Divergent novels…I only really enjoyed the first on. There are defiantly more books on my TBR list but I just picked my top ten to read soon…hopefully haha. What are some of the books on your list?


  5. Hi Destiny!
    I love your blog, the way you have it set up makes me automatically want to read! Not only were there two books on this list that I have read but they are two of my favorites. I adore Roald Dahl, and have read several of his books- the BFG is one that I read while in Elementary school. The movie didn’t live up to the book in any way! Another of my favorites is The Shack, I read this at a time in my life when I was actually seeking out where my faith in religion was and it pushed me to continue my search and increased my yearning for more in religion. The movie also didn’t live up to the book and the imagery that the author provided within the pages of this story. You’ll have to post about these when you do read them, because I think you’ll end up enjoying them!

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    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you for those kind words. I have tried to make it inviting and fun! I will have to read BFG and then watch the movie then. I have been holding off on both right now trying to decide what to do. The Shack is one that I started and then got too busy with school readings but I am very interested in finishing it soon. I am glad it helped you increase your yearning for religion. I know religion is a huge part of my life and I value it dearly. It’s always good to hear other people finding it as well.

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  6. I love the all of the different books and variety that you want to read. I think that if we looked up reviews before we read each book we want to read, we would sometimes be turned away. I do not think this should alter your thoughts, go for it and read it! If it doesn’t live up to it, now you know for sure. It is also hard for me to keep reading a series because I never feel that it will live up to the first. Do you think that you will read this after the semester is over?

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  7. Destiny,
    One book that caught my attention was the book ‘Educated’. I looked up what it is supposed to be about and I think it sounds very interesting. I also agree that it will be hard to read but I believe that we all need to read books like that sometimes. You other books all look very good too. I hope that you have time to read them all and I look forward to potentially hearing more about them later on!

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  8. You must read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It has had a lot of hype an I too was skeptical. However, my dad read it and so when I was staying at home with my newborn and we where up at all hours of the night, I would pick it up and read a little here and there. It got so good, one night I stayed up, while my newborn slept (oops). Keep it on your list until you can read it. 🙂 Melissa

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  9. I relate to this post on so many levels. I have a tendency to procrastinate, but, like you, sometimes I am intimidated by a book for other reasons. I also have Scythe sitting on my shelf, and am afraid it wont live up to the hype… Unwind was one of my favorite books from high school English, and I’m also afraid I won’t find his writing as strong as I once did. Which one of these books do you think you’ll read first?

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    1. Scythe is a fantastic book! I loved it but my favorite genre is also dystopian novels haha. I would suggest you give it a shot. Honestly, I think I will read Educated first. I have heard numerous great comments on it since this post and am getting more and more anxious to read it

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