Do You Accept The Challenge?

I DO, I DO I DO! What a better way to prepare to encourage kids to become readers than reading as many children’s books as possible?!  I alluded to creating a reading challenge in my Top Ten Tuesday post since most of those books were related to my reading challenge.  Well here it is…WOOHOO!

My reading challenge is focused on reading books from a couple of 100 best books lists from A Fuse 8 Production.  The lists I will be focusing on are Top 100 Picture Books and Top 100 Children’s Novels.  I do not want to be stuck to these lists alone though because I want to continually expand my knowledge on what children’s books are out there.  If I find a book that looks interesting or that I hear about from other Kidslitosphere blogs that I read, I plan to give them a try too!

Currently, I have not set a specific number of books I would like to read overall.  I would mainly like to continue to read 4+ hours each week.  I plan on reading as many of these titles as possible by the end of the semester.  To achieve this, I believe I should focus on reading 1-2 children’s novels and 5-10 picture books each week.  Even though it may sound like a lot of reading each week, it is right on track with my normal weekly 4 hours of reading. 

I think reading a variety of books for any student can really benefit my future student.  I mean, it’s not guaranteed I will get a job in the grade I think I would like to teach.  If I am being honest, I would be perfectly content teaching any grade, therefore I need to diversity my children’s literature knowledge for all grades.  That is why I chose this challenge.  To help diversity and expand my personal knowledge.  This way I will be able to inspire and create future readers!

As for support to finish my challenge, well…sharing is caring to be cliché.   I have really enjoyed participating in the blogging community with my classmates, the #IMWAYR blog meme and the #TTT blogging meme.  It makes me feel like I am reading for a purpose and gives me some great ideas on what to read next.   Also, being able to communicate about books we are all reading helps give me some great ideas for my future classroom or even for the Children’s Center I work at. 

There are SOOOOOO MANY great books and I am very excited to read as many as I can.  This reading challenge is something I plan and hope to continue with even once this class is finished because of how much it will benefit my future students and I have really enjoyed reading children’s literature again…well reading for fun in general.  Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “Do You Accept The Challenge?

  1. Destiny,
    I am inspired by your plans. I really like how you are including a variety of different books for all grade levels and not limiting yourself to one genre or list. I may have to include a few picture books into my weekly reading as well.


  2. Hi Destiny!

    I always like to check in on your blog. You always have great, insightful blogs to read. I like how you are mixing up your reading from novel books to short children’s book. Mostly I have been reading short children’s books, but am looking to read longer books this next week. I have one quick question because I noticed you are very helpful when someone has questions on here. Are you adding every single book you read to your goodreads account? I tried to go back and find this information but couldn’t find any. Happy reading! You have some great goals here.


  3. Hi Destiny! I commend you for your excitement in wanting to read so many books this semester! And it’s great that you want to read such a diversity of books. I agree with you that reading a diversity of books will help you to inspire your students to become avid readers. Are there any novels you can’t wait to get your hands on? I am so excited to read more books by Katherine Applegate. I really enjoyed “The One and Only Ivan” and am going to search my school library this week to see if there are more books by this author. Is is difficult to find more time to read? You have a very busy schedule!


  4. Hi Destiny!

    I am glad you are taking on your book challenge with passion and excitement! It’s great to see! I just switched my goal to reading from lists and I copied your links so thank you for sharing those. I like how you are incorporating novels and picture books. I might have to do that as well. I too have found some great books by reading blogs! I will continue to write down books that I find interesting. So far, I am looking for novels , and want to read some thriller books in honor of Halloween! Do you know of any?

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    1. Hi! I am glad you are able to use the lists and I hope they give you some direction like they have for me. You’ll have to let me know what you think about them after you’ve used them a bit. Do you ever use GoodReads to track the books you want to read? I know we are already using the platform for our Children’s Literature course so I have started to use it to track my goal and to keep a to be read list. Thriller books are not generally a novel genre I choose to read honestly. I know of a lot of picture books. Would you be interested in some of those titles?


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