It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR 11/18/19

It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme started by Jen at Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee at Unleashing Readers and share all of your readings of the week.

Happy Monday! I am excited to say that I got more books read than the previous couple of weeks! I am only 21 books from reaching my goal and I am so excited. Let’s take a look at what I read this past week…

The Graveyard Book written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean

I decided to pick up this book due to all of the good reviews from classmates I have seen on it. In this book, Bod is raised by ghosts, and other cemetery citizens of a graveyard. We watch him grow up, be educated, and make ventures into the living world. I am about halfway through the book and am really enjoying it so far! I will post my full review next week.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban written by J.K. Rowling

To continue my Harry Potter streak, I finished the third book this week. Harry Potter’s third year at Hogwarts is full adventure and danger. Poor Harry gets stuck spending another summer with his terrible relatives, the Dursley’s. After putting up with lots of rotten treatment, Harry finally looses his temper and blows up his Aunt Marge. Harry hightails it out of Privet Drive and gets picked up by the Knight Bus. He soon finds out a convicted murderer, Sirius Black, has broken out of Azkaban and is after Harry. Dementors are surrounding Hogwarts for protection. This leads to Harry forming an odd but close friendship with the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Throughout the year, he ends up getting a magical map, sneaking to Hogsmeade, finding out someone is a werewolf, watching his friend attacked by a dog, finds out his friends rat is not all that he seems to be, and finding family.

Basically, a ton happens in this book and it remains one of my top two Harry Potter novel. For me, this book is where the series really got interesting. I really enjoyed reading it again. As for teaching the series in class, please see my post from last week.

Moosetache written by Margie Palatini, illustrated by Henry Cole

Moose has a very long and out of control mustache. It gets in the way of everything! What is he going to do? None of his coping strategies are working until he meets a female moose with a similar issue. What is the answer to his crazy moosetache?

I would recommend this book for grades K-3rd. I can think of sooooo many ways for this silly book to be used. First off, it is a fantastic problem solving book! I LOVE problem solving and this book will for sure get students to think of ways to help Moose out. This book is also full of alliteration, onomatopoeia’s, and rhyming. I can easily seeing myself going over these with older students as we read the book. I could also do a fun activity of having students paint their own moosetache on a template to see what styles they come up with.

Llama Llama Mad at Mama written by Anna Dewdney

Baby llama wants to play BUT, since it is Saturday, it is time to go shopping. Little llama is annoyed with just about everything and everyone. Shopping is really not what he wants to be doing. His patience is dwindling…what will baby llama do? Will he wait? Will he throw a fit?

This book would be great for beginning grades (PreK-2nd) to talk to students about dealing with feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. These are pretty big emotions and it is very important for students to learn to cope with them. The illustrations in this book can help a lot because they are expressive and fun.

The Great Puppy Invasion written by Alastair Heim, illustrated by Kim Smith

Teddy’s town is very strict…after all, it is called Strictville…and does not allow for fun, cuteness, or play. Imagine what happens when hundreds of puppies invade! How can they defend themselves? How do they get rid of the adorableness? What a ridiculously silly book. This would be a great book for a fun PreK read aloud. I can also see using this book in older grades to teach about irony or hyperbole.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie written by Laura Joffe Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond

A repetitive story about a mouse who receives a cookie which starts a circus of other events. What are the pattern of events? For the classroom, I would say it is most appropriate for grades 1st through 2nd. I would use this book to work on cause and effect. You could also use this book to talk about repetition and patterns or trickery. Overall, very funny, cute, and simple.

I Was So Mad written by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter’s mom will not let him do what he wants! Why can’t he just keep frogs in the bathtub? Why can’t he paint the house? Why can’t he tickle his goldfish? Little Critter gets “so mad” that he ends up deciding that he will run away. He packs up his bag and gets ready to leave when…when what?

This story would be perfect for grades PreK through 2nd grade to talk about emotions, how to deal with being told no, and belonging. I can see having this book as an introduction or reminder book for students to go over acceptable behavior in the classroom.

Mr. Pumpkin’s Tea Party written by Erin Barker

There is a party at Mr. Pumpkins and all of his spooky friends are invited! The book moves through the thirteen goodies his guests bring. This is a good Halloween/fall counting book for PreK and Kindergarten students.

Bears on Wheels written by Stan and Jan Berenstain

This book is an early reader counting book that I remembered from my childhood. I personally did not find the book at all thrilling but is is a super, super easy read for beginning readers. I would use this book in a PreK or Kindergarten class during a counting lesson. The numbers are spelled out instead of just displaying by the print number which will help students start recognizing the words.

The Little Guys written by Vera Brosgol

I am honestly not sure that the message in this book is exactly what we should take from it. It does have some nice illustrations and a good lesson. The lesson being that you can accomplish more by working together BUT what comes across when reading the book is that the Little Guys are greedy and want too much. I might be reading too much into the book overall but it did not sit well with me for some reason. I personally would not use this book in a classroom.

What did you read this week? Any suggestions on what I should read next?

13 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR 11/18/19

  1. Destiny,
    I appreciate that you IMWAYR blogs always have the beginning picture on them. I wish that I would remember to do that every time. It shows that this blog is a blog meme and it brings some formality to it. As for your books that you read this last week, it looks like you have a great selection. Mr. Pumpkins Tea Party looks very cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I decided to do that so that I am able to share with others that might not be classmates and then also connect with the meme through Unleashing Readers. Mr. Pumpkins Tea Party was a very cute book that I liked.


  2. Hi Destiny!

    I always like to check in on your blog and see what you have been reading! I am actually thinking about reading the third Harry Potter book. I actually might finish the series because of this class! This has been a goal of mine for a long time! What Harry Potter book is your favorite? Are there any other book series that you like? I also noticed you read a Little Critter book. I use to read those all the time when I was a little kid. I might go home and try to find them! Happy reading this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI! Thank you. The third Harry Potter book is my favorite! It is where all a lot of the action begins and setting up for the series. I also really like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince though. Other book series that I enjoy…..ummm I have a lot haha. I like the Divergent series, The Hunger Games series, The Mortal Instruments series, Percy Jackson series, Judy Moody, Matched series. Most of these are young adult books but I do really enjoy them. I tend to lean towards dystopian novels. Do you have any series you really enjoy? I love the Little Critter books! I saw it on the shelf at work and decided to read it. Brought me right back to my childhood.


  3. Wow! You read so many books! What a great week of reading for you! It looked like a few of the younger elementary books you chose addressed emotions and helping kids learn how to manage big emotions. These are great lessons for kids and I feel like at the beginning of the school year these books could be great read alouds when setting the climate of your classroom and getting kids familiar with appropriate behaviors. Which one of these books might be the most helpful for helping kids manage emotions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am trying to reach my goal for the semester and am sooooo close. A few of the books definitely deal with big emotions that they start learning to cope with. For helping manage kids emotions, I would say the best book from this list would be Llama Llama Mad at Mama due to the topic of being overwhelmed and frustrated. In lower elementary, students are still learning to manage these emotions and it puts the overall frustration into prospective for them.

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  4. Wow! You had a large amount of reading this week, and many of them are some of my favorite books. I would see many of these get checked out week after week while I was working in the library. Although, I must say one of the best series I have ever read is the Harry Potter series. I actually have been getting caught up on the movies with my son, who shares my love for Harry Potter, (my husband not so much!). Keep up on your goal, you’re rocking it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the Harry Potter series as well. J.K. Rowling did a fantastic job! I am glad you and your son are loving it together. My mom and I both really like the series and the movies. It is something we always bond on that I would not trade for anything. Thank you! I think I reached it this week!


  5. Destiny,
    Great post! It’s great to see that you’re so close to accomplishing your reading goal, and it sounds like you’re going to get there. I loved your selections this week, especially the children’s books. A lot of those series were in my house growing up, and seeing them always takes me back. The little critter books were always especially appealing because he always seemed reluctant to do the same things that I was reluctant to do. Do you see yourself using the majority of these in your classroom?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am not sure that I would use a lot of these books in my classroom but a couple of them I would. The Little Critter books are definitely funny and fun to read. It brought me back to my childhood reading it.


  6. I picked up a copy of Moostache at a Goodwill awhile ago, and I was pumped! Lol. I started reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman (one of his novels) last summer but couldn’t get into it. I might have to try his children’s/YA literature instead! Thank you for the recommendations.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s interesting to hear! I feel like so many authors are that way, you either love ’em or you don’t, especially when they transcend reading level or genre. Thank you for the input!


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