Top Ten Reads of the Semester

Created by Me in Canva

Oh my, it is still hard for me to believe that we are already done with the semester! I have read 147 books and am reading a few more this week to meet my goal of 150…YAY! In honor of this class I will be posting three Top Ten Lists. So my first top ten list will be to celebrate my favorite reads of the semester. Hope you enjoy….

Thank you for visiting and happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Reads of the Semester

  1. Destiny,
    I also can’t believe that the semester is almost over! Congratulations on completing your reading goal! I like the list you put together. I have read a few of the books on the list. The book “Frederick” seems really cute! What grade level would you say this for?

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  2. Destiny – I have been telling myself for the last few weeks that I can’t believe we are nearing the end. I was so excited to go back through and see everything I read. I’ve seen your blog quite a bit so I know you read quite a bit. What a great feeling to accomplish your goal! We had a couple of books in common on our lists. Could you pick a favorite from the entire semester?

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  3. Destiny,
    There is something about the cover of Frederick that really grabs my attention. What about it made it one of your favorites? It is hard to believe that the semester is over. It is a good thing that I don’t have to stop reading with the end of the course because there are so many more books I want to read!

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    1. The cover of Fredrick really grabbed my attention too! I am not sure what it was about it. The story of it is what made it onto my top ten list. It was so good and incorporated a lot of lessons. Me too! I think over the semester I added about 200+ books to my to be read list haha.

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