“A” Project Part One | Graphics for Future Classroom

My goodness finals have been crazy for me! I am trying to finish up school while working and planning for my 10 day vacation to Hawaii that I leave for on Tuesday. I am SOOO EXCITED to take a break and just enjoy a vacation with family.

Anyways….back to my finals haha. For my Children’s Literature “A” project, I decided to put together and find graphics and posters that I would like to use in my future classroom. I also researched how to help struggling readers and I will post what I have learned from that soon. Bellow are eight literature graphics and/or posters that I would like to use in my future classroom and a small description.

The FAB 4

Created by me in Canva

The Fab 4 was used a lot in the school that I did my observation at this semester. I think it really helps students comprehend their reading. They are relatable terms that students of all grades can understand. This is actually one form of teaching (reciprocal) that helps struggling readers as well.

Point of View

Created by me in Canva

This poster would be great for a 5th grade classroom paired with an activity where you read the same story, such as The Three Little Pigs, from novels written in different perspectives. I left out 2nd person because my main focus would be 1st and 3rd person.

Transition Words

Created by me in Canva

This poster is simply to give students more options when writing. I would like students to be exposed to more transitions so that they can excel in their writing and find them in their reading.

What is a CVS Word?

I thought this was a fun idea to show a visual of what a CVS word is for students. I also added in the vowels at the bottom in able to remind students which letters they are.

Comma Llama

From Instagram Post

Okay, this wad just so fun! I personally struggle with comma rules so I think this would be a great resource to have posted in the classroom.

The Bossy R

Found on Pinterest

There are many different types of this poster but I liked the idea of them. I saw them implemented in a 2nd grade classroom for spelling. It really seemed to help students. I would probably alternate to ones that we are learning as the year progresses.

Created by me in Canva

Theme is sometimes a very hard concept but so important in relation to reading. I also added some questions to ask to help students understand what theme is.

Cause & Effect

Created by me in Canva

My last one! Cause and effect. This is an important concept not just in reading, but life as well. I thought this would be a good graphic/poster to have for students when reading books about cause and effect. It gets them thinking about aspects beyond the reading and can help them figure out cause and effect wording.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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