I Took a Break, But I’m Back Now!

Well, as you may have noticed, it's been a hot moment since I've added a new post to my blog. Don't worry. I wasn't kidnapped, hospitalized, or in any way incapable of typing. I honestly just needed a little break. At the end of last semester, I took a vacation and then was overwhelmed with… Continue reading I Took a Break, But I’m Back Now!

Hello Everyone!

Hey There. My name is Destiny Park. I am a college student working towards my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at Chadron State College. I currently hold two associate's degrees.  One in health sciences and the other in general studies.  I also have my substitute teaching license for the state of Wyoming.  I have changed… Continue reading Hello Everyone!

“A” Project Part Two | The Struggling Reader

Reading and literacy skills are one of the more important things for students to learn.  Reading impacts all areas of performance across the curriculum.  I was very interested in seeing what strategies work for students who are struggling.  Here are a few that I found very interesting and logical that will hopefully help me and… Continue reading “A” Project Part Two | The Struggling Reader