Reading Challenge Update

The reading challenge I set a few weeks ago was to focus on reading books from the top 100 best books list from Fuse 8 Productions.  The list I am focusing on are Top 100 Picture Books and Top 100 Children’s Novels.  I did not want to be confined to only these lists though so… Continue reading Reading Challenge Update

Do You Accept The Challenge?

I DO, I DO I DO! What a better way to prepare to encourage kids to become readers than reading as many children’s books as possible?!  I alluded to creating a reading challenge in my Top Ten Tuesday post since most of those books were related to my reading challenge.  Well here it is…WOOHOO! My… Continue reading Do You Accept The Challenge?

Discovering the “Kidlitosphere”

I’ve just started to immerse myself into the “kidlitosphere”and I have already found a lot of interesting topics.  Things from newly released books to podcasts to books made to engage struggling readers.  Mostly what I have found in the “kidlitosphere” are blogs about children’s books that the authors love, their children/students love, content that they… Continue reading Discovering the “Kidlitosphere”