Reading Challenge Update

The reading challenge I set a few weeks ago was to focus on reading books from the top 100 best books list from Fuse 8 Productions.  The list I am focusing on are Top 100 Picture Books and Top 100 Children’s Novels.  I did not want to be confined to only these lists though so I could expand my knowledge on children’s books.

So far, I am doing pretty good with my goal so far and have made sufficient progress each week. I have currently read 30 books so far off the Top 100 Picture Books list, seven chapter books off the Top 100 Children’s Novels list and 105 books total for the semester. Each week I have tried to keep a variety of picture and chapter books, as well as genres, so that I don’t get bored and can stay focused.

Challenges I have encountered throughout my reading challenge journey would be reading the children’s novels or finding the books in the library.  Regarding the children’s novels, I am struggling reading enough of the chapter book sometimes.  This is due to many factors such as interest, time, personal life, and simply pour management of my time.  I have started to read during my lunch break at work and even when the children are napping. 

I feel like this goal is one that I would like to keep pursuing but could make a little more defined. Originally, I did not have a specific number of books I would like to read by the semesters end but I think I would like to add one. My new goal is going to be focused around books from the Fuse 8 Productions Top 100 lists and other books, but I would like to read 150 books by the end of the semester. Now, this may seem like a low number but mostly I want to make sure it’s an obtainable goal. If I read more than 150 books fantastic, but I feel like I can accomplish reading another 45 books by the end of the semester. More is slightly daunting with all my other homework and work.

How are everyone else’s challenges going?  Do you have any suggestions of books to read?

10 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Update

  1. Hey Destiny,
    I love your honesty. It makes me feel like I’m doing okay because there is another person who struggles with time management too! I guess we’ve overcome the first hurdle, being honest with ourselves. Anyways, I’m still impressed with the number of books you have read! Isn’t it just amazing how reading here and there can really add up to something?

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    1. Hi DJ! I have a hard time admitting I struggle with time management but I know that I do. I try to be honest to myself so that I am able to improve my behaviors. It is crazy to see how little time I actually need to take out of my week to read for 4 hours. I generally read more to be able to finish my books haha. Have you found this as well?


  2. I too have chosen to pick books off a list of top 100 picture books and children’s novels. I feel like these lists have helped me so much. They have a good variety of genres and give me some direction when I head to the library to check out books. Has this been true for you also? I also feel like it can be difficult to devote enough time to reading each week. Some weeks come easier than others, but the majority of the time I really have to be intentional about picking up my books!

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    1. Hi Amanda! Oh my goodness, SOO true. Both lists have helped me immensely in finding books for the week and expanding my own knowledge of books. Some books on the list that I really enjoy I would have honestly never picked up. Have you discovered the same thing? I have to be international about reading mostly because I would much rather watch tv or do something else haha. I just keep reminding myself of time management and how this will help my career.


      1. I haven’t heard of that book. I will have to see what it is about and watch for your review of it 😁 I’m glad we are all finding ways to explore and expand our knowledge of children’s novels and picture books.

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    1. Hi! Honestly, I think it will be easy to reach but it still feels like a daunting number. I worry that my other classes are getting more demanding and I am hoping I don’t get behind because of that.


  3. I believe that part of setting goals is being realistic. Setting an unobtainable goal will only lead to frustration and failure. Setting realistic goals allows us to see progress. That progress acts as a motivation to continue. This is something that I feel that we need to remember when we set goals for our students’ progress as well.

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    1. I completely agree. I wanted to set a goal that was harder but I also know the workload of my classes is increasing as the semester continues. I had to keep that in mind when modifying my goal and I hope that I can make it happen. I know how great it will feel if I do succeed at reading 150 books this semester!

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